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UK Look Ahead
Issued 18th February 2017

Mild and damp, potentially stormy on Thursday

The next week or so will be dominated by high pressure to the south of the UK combined with low pressure to the north. The combination drawing in mild south westerly winds with alot of cloud and mainly light rain and drizzle.

Monday looking particularly mild with 16 c not out of the question somewhere is sheltered south eastern areas.

This pattern remains up to Thursday when there is potential for a vigorous area of low pressure to move in from the west bringing strong gale force winds and heavy rain. Friday will be colder with snow showers for the far north and North East


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  • Local Weather at 06:50 PM


    Current Temp: 24°C
    Feels Like: 25°C
    Dew Point: 14°C
    Wind Speed: 15mph
    Wind Direction: S
    Pressure: 997mb
    Precipitation: 0.0mm
    Chance of Rain: 0%
    Chance of Sunshine: 100%
    Cloud Cover: 100%
    Humidity: 50%
    Visibility: 16 miles

    Sunrise / Set:
    06:49 AM - 05:57 PM
    Moonrise / Set:
    05:30 AM - 04:07 PM

    Snow Chance:
    6AM: 0% | 9AM: 0% |
    12PM: 0% | 3PM: 0% |
    6PM: 0% | 9PM: 0%

    Created by Silvor
    Data by WorldWeatherOnline

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