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UKWW weekly forecast 2018

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:15 am
by KTtom
25th March 2018

Low Pressure in Charge

The overall pattern next week will be very slow moving, unfortunately by the time this happens, low pressure will be centered to the south west of the uk.

After a mainly dry start to the week low pressure will move into the south west pushing a band of rain north and eastwards. Colder weather will be trying to move south over northern parts, so where the two meet the rain will turn progressively to snow.
The rest of the week will see the low send bands of rain and showers northwards, so staying unsettled and generally cool. The coldest temperatures will be for the north, here the rain and showers turning increasingly wintry through the week.
This pattern looks to remaim into the Easter weekend with a chance that the colder air to the north will filter further south, and therefore the wintry conditions heading further south also.