Hedgehogs... slug and snails.

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Hedgehogs... slug and snails.


Post by missy »

I just thought I would cover a couple of topics about wildlife and your garden.
I have had a hedgehog back in my garden this year, so I started putting out cat and dog food for them. The next morning when the food was there was a lot of broken snail shells, so kept a close eye on it, the following night, put the food in the same place,
came to check about 20 minutes later and there must have been 15 to 20 snails, then heard a rustling and out came 2 hedgehogs
and started eating the snails.
I have seen a massive drop in snails and plants that are being chewed on, so maybe an adea for theose who are growing food?

Also for those who are feeding hedgehogs, they say cat food is better but dog food can be used. No fish or salty meats like pork and it should be in jelly not gravy. If you are using peanuts please only broken bits as I have seen one get half stuck on the roof of its mouth and stop them from eating, he almost died.
Please make sure that no bread is on the floor at night time if you are feeding the birds and please don't use slug pellets.
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