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Watch the Earth BREATHE

Post by GrannyGrottbags » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:39 am

Nasa reveals stunning video showing a year of plant life

Animation shows changing plant densities on land and in water
Nasa took data from satellites to create average life cycle for a year
The map appears to be breathing as growth changes based on the seasons
Nasa has released an animated map to show the yearly cycle of Earth's plant life—and it's breathing.
The video reveals the life cycle on land and in the water, and combines satellite data to create an average 12-month cycle.
Pulsating masses of colour represent fluctuations in density of plant growth on land, and chlorophyll concentration from phytoplankton in the oceans.Density of land vegetation on the map ranges from brown, the minimum, to a rich green.

Ocean concentrations are expressed in a similar effect, falling within the range of dark blue to dark green.
In the northern hemisphere winter, from December to February, plant life is at a minimum for regions in higher latitudes due to reduced sunlight.
These land areas are shown as light beige during this time, while the oceans are primarily blue.
During the same period, even vegetation in the tropical, mid-latitude regions show plant life to be dormant, though South America boasts the rich green colour of dense growth.In the southern hemisphere, however, where summer is peaking, the map shows dark green for both land and ocean plant life.When summer reaches the northern hemisphere from June to September, the opposite occurs.
The plant life thrives in the higher latitudes, on both land and in water, with dark green shown across the top of the map. ... -life.html
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