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Post by Frances » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:28 pm

Well then boys and girls, Snow lovers all, here we are on the final day of Snow Watch under the control of yours truly.

About five years ago the BBC announced the closure of their weather boards due to the difficulties in moderating the forums, the worst of which had been Snow Watch, followed by it's 'replacement' the short range forecast board. There were incidents, words were exchanged, grebes and gin were involved.

Like various others, I had my share of bannings while trying to disprove the idiot theories of some members - some people genuinely seeking snow forecasts believed these fools had something genuine to contribute but all they really desired were an audience to string along.

With the closing of the official site it seemed to me that people would need somewhere to carry on. It also struck me that what had caused the collapse of the BBC site was that the rules, though made with the best intentions, were poorly interpreted and the moderation team could not change them.

My goal was to get a working forum together before the BBC shut the existing one. No contact details were published there (in fact that sort of thing got you banned!) so I couldn't let people know what was going on. Once it was running I started regularly posting the new address of www.snow-watch.co.uk on the BBC forum knowing that it would stay visible for a while each time before being removed (links weren't allowed either). I went through a few user accounts doing that!

The board was designed to look as much like the BBC ones as could be (same colours and always "open for business"!) so people felt at home and could enjoy the 24 hour experience! So that people knew who to ask in the event of a problem, I borrowed the user name of the BBC board's longest serving moderator 'Frances'. Moderators on the BBC board were called Hosts and had the word at the end of their user name, hence Frances-HOST.

The rules here were very different - there weren't any! Each case would be judged on it's merit which meant a much more relaxed environment and with no boundaries for the idiots to carefully stay between, they never bothered showing up. I also managed to find myself a few like minded souls to help out! With their help and suggestions we're changed here and there and I think we've only gained as we went along.

That's the story so far and here we still are 5 years on from where it all started. We've all been through a lot in those years (I know I have) but we've stuck around for a love of snow.

Weird what things bring people together but I'd like to say now that I'm glad it did.
It's been an honour and privilege to kick this old site along for you knowledgeable, talented and above all, nice people.
One thing I've learned over this time is that all things must change and I have huge confidence in the future of this site as it can now change and stay fresh and valuable to us all.

All in all it's been pretty much like the rollercoasting ride of each year's snow ramping - thanks for coming along for the ride!

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