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Practicalities and Preparations.

World Climate and extreme weather.
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Practicalities and Preparations.

Post by GrannyGrottbags » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:36 pm

Iv'e been thinking for some time about impending Ice Age and the Government. The present situation is in Governments trying to prepare for Global warming (yes i know 8-| ) ergo the preparations are entirely in the wrong directions.
I started thinking too about the communities which are already in that situation where their world is already continualy snowy and icy, to be honnest I hav'nt got a single clue conceptualy of living in an ice age and to my simple way of thinking Alaska and Siberia jumped right into my head thats about as far as i got lol.
So, in paractical terms, just how DO we prepare for whats to come?.My roving mind turned to tunnels and grow lights for a kick off being just a housewife and mum. Energy of course is a big thing but bigger than a simple housewife, prices and availability being top of the list.
As places and people already exhist in icy snowy positions perhaps we can have a discussion thread looking into the lives and how they're lived by the people that are already in them?. Do we know any Russions, Innuits or Alaskans? lol. Do we have any site links on these subjects?.
I remember an article in the news not so long ago (cant remember which) where the journalist reported on opinions of certain Russian ladies and housewives concerning how the Brits always shut up shop when it comes to schools and bad weather etc, they laughed and scorned the idea as they pulled their children to school on sledges lol.
We are going to need these kinds of information so maybe we should start looking for that and putting it up somewhere here?.
Hmm, i forgot the word 'diferentiate', the difference in our short term anual winter preparations and a longer term life changing ice age.
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