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Ginger nut/ Custard Cream shortages

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:27 am
by GrannyGrottbags
Storm Desmond leads to shortage of gingernuts and custard creams in shops

"Where have all the gingernuts gone, and where the custard creams?"

Bonnie Tyler never sang those words but she might now – storms that caused terrible flooding in the North West of England in December have left the shelves empty of ginger nuts.

The United Biscuit factory in Caldewgate in Cumbria was flooded when Storm Desmond hit the UK just before Christmas and the production of the ginger tea-time favourites, as well as Crawford's custard creams and Carr's water crackers has been badly affected, as the factory was under water.

Production of some lines has now restarted, but United Biscuits has said it could take 'several months' until things get back to normal ... story.html

Shock Horror!! :o :o ~O)