Transit of Mercury

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Transit of Mercury

Post by GrannyGrottbags » Sun May 01, 2016 6:41 am

You are invited to watch the transit of Mercury with the Royal Astronomical Society, Piccadilly, London, when our solar system’s smallest planet passes directly between the Earth and the Sun. Special equipment will be set up so that members of the public can watch the event in safety.
Transits are relatively rare, says the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS). The last time an event of this kind occurred somewhere on Earth was in 2006, and 2003 in the UK.
After Mercury’s transit on 9th May, the next ones will occur in 2019 and 2032.
If the skies are clear on 9th May, then British amateur astronomers and keen sky-gazers should have a good view of the transit.
The RAS says the whole event will run from 12:12 BST to 19:42 BST, when the planet Mercury will appear as a slowly-moving silhouetted disk against the bright solar surface.
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