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I'm on tenterhoooks!

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:26 pm
by wittykitty
We currently have a 10 year old Dobermann called Prince (pic attached) who we rescued from the RSPCA eight years ago. The last year or so we've been looking for a companion for him but none of the Dobies we've come across are suitable; some won't live with a cat or need to be an only dog. Both myself and my hubby have become quite downhearted about it, to be honest.

However, the day before yesterday I saw a Facebook post where a family has been forced by circumstance to rehome their beloved Lolo. I got in touch, and after being on the phone with her for just over an hour last night, I am extremely excited to tell you all that we've been shortlisted! Only us and another family are being considered. We go to meet him on Saturday at 1pm in Winchester - a four hour drive!

I am keeping everything crossed that both Prince and Lolo take to each other, and we are accepted as a good new home. I have to admit I am a little heart in mouth, but I can't help but get really excited!

He's a four year old black and tan male, all vacs up to date, chipped etc. You can see he's been well loved and looked after. Please keep all your bits crossed for our family, and a potential new friend!