Guess when we'll first see 30°C of 2014 in the UK.
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1) Choose a date you think we will see the first recorded observation of 30°C on mainland UK. (We will be relying on the BBC to report this unusual phenomenon!)
2) First come first served. If two people post the same date, the second postee will be asked to re-submit another entry.
3) No changing dates once you've entered. Your first guess will be taken as your final guess, so choose wisely!
4) Open to forum users with 10 or more posts only at closing date. New user?, or only a few posts?.. get involved and get an entry in now!.

Closing date, 31st May 2014

Disclaimer - If no-one guesses the exact date, or we do not see 30°C, the competition will roll-over to a winter "guess the first snow date comp" later in the year.
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